Gorutana Educational Consultants

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Gorutana Educational Consultants are academic advisors mainly working with Educational and Corporate companies. Our core areas are Training, Tutoring, Home Learning, Coaching and Mentoring as well as Advisory.

Besides this, we:

  • Update and merge different curriculums from Early Years to JCE.
  • Design curriculums in all subjects using the latest educational techniques including recommended resources.
  • Implement necessary changes, ensuring changes are effective and all materials are standardised.
  • Arrange for various training workshops to enhance the teaching capabilities of teachers.
  • Offer a wide range of short courses for teachers in: Maths, English, Science and Social Studies. Other courses: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Moderation of Assessment, Mentoring and Coaching and Assessment.
  • Promote the latest pedagogy.
  • Pilot local Government and Private schools to develop positive learning environments for all pupils.
  • Develop educational benchmarks and handbooks for teachers and managers.
  • Help to improve the school’s rankings and academic standing.
  • Observe and assess teachers in action and suggest ways to improve teaching styles.
  • Facilitate and develop learning products that teachers and schools need to improve pupil achievement.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with learners, parents and communities in building educational programmes.
  • Report findings and recommendations to the Principal, Managers or Heads of Department.
  • Offer after school tutoring on a 1:1 basis or in small groups.
  • Cater for pupils with learning difficulties or lack of self-esteem.
  • Recruit supply/ support teachers.
  • Organise holiday clubs and tours.
  • Provide guidance on study skills and ways to improve a school’s performance during examinations.
  • Invigilate, assess and mark internal or external scripts. Oral examiner for the British Council
  • Consult and assist in the planning and setting up of new schools.

Gorutana Educational Consultants Events

  • Our events inspire networking and best practise sharing, which are open to organisations of all sectors and sizes. We organise training, workshops/conferences all delivered by experienced Trainers and Speakers.

Gorutana Special Interest Groups

Our special interest groups i.e- This allows you to meet people you to meet people from other organisations/schools to share best practice and discuss current issues and trends.